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What To Expect

Keyword Research

The right keywords are the difference between nice blogs and blogs that generate results.

I’ll select keywords that are relevant and tailored to your business. To do so, I:
• Analyze your target audience and understand their pain points. What do they search for, and what do they need your help with?
• Analyze SERPs for keywords on topics that your target audience searches for.
• Figure out which keywords have the best ratio of search volume ( > 100 at least) to competition (low-to-mid), maximizing your chances of ranking.

Keywords will have appropriate search volumes and competition indexes to ensure you can outrank your competitors.

Competitor Analysis

What tactics used by your competitors are working? Which ones aren’t?

Content strategy includes an analysis of at least three competitors. I analyze:
• Keywords competitors are ranking for
• Topics competitors are covering
• Topics competitors aren’t covering that you could. This is the sweet spot.

I’ll determine how you can snag the spotlight and overtake your competition.

Topics That Rank

Based on an in-depth analysis of your current site, relevant keywords, and leading competitors, I’ll come up with at least four blog topic ideas.

These topics include a primary keyword and suggested word count.

You can either write these yourself or bring me on board to begin writing these high-value blogs.

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