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Personalized To Meet Your Needs

No two people or businesses are the same. That’s why all my writing packages are personalized.

Together, we’ll work out:

  • Word count
  • Monthly blog volume
  • Which features you want in your blogs
  • Whether you’re in need of any add-ons (sharing to social media, submitting to your hosting site…to name a couple)

What To Expect

Leading SEO Optimization

Working with Mameesh Content means working with an SEO expert. I live and breath SEO optimization, and I know how to do it to the highest degree.

I use industry best practices, including keyword placement, optimized titles, images with appropriate alt-text, interlinking strategies, easy-to-read formatting, and more.

Best part? Your readers will never know. I never keyword stuff or write for SEO.

Your blogs will be informative, actionable, and engaging, while effortlessly integrating SEO in a way that is undetectable to readers.

Cut The Fluff

A lot of blogs are text on a page and nothing more. They’re fluffy. You read them and think, “okay, and?”

With Mameesh Content, your blogs will include step-by-step instructions, bulleted lists of steps readers can take, links to authoritative sources with further actionable information, and more. This ensures your readers are satisfied, have their next steps, and don’t need to read anyone else’s blog.

Impeccable Quality

Don’t spend hours rewriting or editing your blogs. Instead, rest assured that when a draft comes your way, it’ll be publishable quality.

Your blogs will require little-to-no revisions.

They’re error-free, never plagiarized, and checked by expert software for mistakes (I’m only human, and sometimes I forget a comma!).

Blog Writing As It Should Be

This is a true story.

  • Alex paid $4500 to a leading content agency for 4,000 words per month. He paid on January 30th. It’s February 26th. Alex hasn’t received a single word.
  • Alex requested this content on behalf of a client of his. The client is furious. He’s threatening to fire Alex (and for good reason! Where’s his content?).
  • Alex’s content agency gets back to him with a draft on February 27th of 1,000 words. The quality is terrible. Alex spends half the day rewriting the piece to send to his client that evening.
  • After all that stress and strain, Alex finds me on LinkedIn. I rush a blog order for him with a turnaround time of 48 hours, so Alex doesn’t get fired.
  • Alex and I are still working together to this day. Alex’s client has never complained about the content since.

Can you relate to Alex?

Sadly, over 80% of my current clients can. Alex is one of them. These clients have been burned once, if not more, by “professional” freelance writers and content agencies, overpromising and horrendously underdelivering.

My Pledge To You

I will always fulfill your orders on time and at the highest quality.
You will never be in Alex’s situation if we work together.

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Blogs can increase website traffic by as much as 434%, but only if done correctly.
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