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The following is a portfolio of some blogs I’ve written for clients.

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Tellus is a fintech app transforming what it means to invest in real estate.

I write blogs pertaining to real estate, finances, and other topics for the Tellus Talk Blog.

Three of my blogs are in the top 10 most trafficked posts on the Tellus site, resulting in a 25% increase in traffic per month.


CodeSubmit helps hiring leaders find the best developers for their organizations.

CodeSubmit’s take-home coding challenges are trusted by companies such as Apple, Uplift, and Babbel because they make candidate experience the top priority.

I’m one of a select few writers for the CodeSubmit blog, and I also work closely with the founders to develop content strategy.

laptop, office, hand-3196481.jpg is famous in Silicon Valley and beyond for providing salary and compensation insight for the tech industry.

Looking to negotiate a startup job offer? Read my article.

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ClassPass is revolutionizing the fitness industry.

Fitness is one of my favorite verticals. ClassPass brought me on board to write an article on picking a gym name. You’d never believe how critical it is to get the name right!


HomeLight provides premier real estate services for buyers and sellers alike. Their blog is one of the most authoritative in the real estate vertical.

Read my contributions to their blog!

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Growth Hack Your Career

GHYC offers job seekers in-depth assistance when it comes to the job hunt.

Looking to navigate a career pivot, whether between industries or roles? I write on exactly how to do so with ease.

If you’re curious, I’ve also written two other articles for GHYC:
• 9 Secret Ways Recruiters Rank You
• 40 Best Job Search Sites For 2021

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The fitness industry is aimed at younger people, but what about strength training when you’re older? Wysefit is making fitness more accessible to all.

I discuss the importance of strengh training for adults over 50, including why it matters and how you can safely lift weights regardless of age.

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K9 Web

The pet niche is one of my favorites! I got to write a fun piece on different kinds of Weimaraner mixes.

If you’re curious, I’ve also written some other content for K9 Web:
• Big, lovable goofball: Is a Bernese Mountain Dog right for you?
• Friendly, eager to please: All about the Golden Mountain Dog
• Yorkie Haircuts: Which is Best For My Pup?
• The best of both worlds: the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix

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