Industries I Know And Love

These are the verticals I know best.

Areas Of Expertise

friends, cat and dog, pets


With over 8 years of experience running my own pet sitting business and catering to the needs of diverse animals, I know pets first-hand.

I founded my own pet sitting business in 2014, and it remains one of the top pet sitting services in my local area.

I know pets, whether it be cats, dogs, fish, or horses, better than most.

crossfit, sports, fitness


I’ve been lifting weights for over 5 years. In my free time, I enjoy watching educational videos on fitness, including YouTubers like Jeff Nippard and Jeremy Ether.

Whether you’re in the strength training, cardio, or general health and wellness space, I can help.

compass, direction, concept

Careers & Personal Development

When I’m not writing blogs, much of my time is spent helping fellow professionals navigate their careers or develop as people.

I’ve written loads of content on careers and personal development, from negotiating job offers to figuring out what time of day you work best.

house, home ownership, domestic

Real Estate

My father is a luxury real estate developer, so it’s always a topic of conversation.
I am passionate about real estate investing, flipping, the home buying process, and more.

You can find me listening to Bigger Pockets or looking for deals on the MLS in my spare time.

Industry Not Listed? No Problem!

The good news is: I’m an excellent researcher! I can learn new verticals fast.
Even if you aren’t a startup…
Let’s see what we can do.