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Mameesh Content is revolutionizing the content industry and
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If I’m being honest…

There’s A Problem With The Current Content Industry

Talk to anyone who’s worked with freelance writers or content agencies in the past. They’ll all tell you a similar story about how their writer took the money and ran or how their content agency underdelivered with such poor quality they had to scrap the work and redo it.

People spend thousands of dollars and get nothing in return.

Problem 1: Ghosting

You found an awesome writer who’s willing to take on your projects. Cool! You cut the check for $3,000.

Two months later, that “writer” is nowhere to be found.

Problem 2:
Pay Someone Else To Do It, Then Redo It Yourself

You found a highly reviewed content agency charging $5,000 per month. You have full faith the work will be good because of their “testimonials.”

You receive your first piece one month late. It’s a 1,500 word blog article that’s so full of errors and misconstrued that you rewrite the entire thing.

You don’t get your money back.

Problem 3:
Poor Grasp of SEO

SEO isn’t stuffing one keyword throughout the article as much as you can.

Being an excellent SEO blogger, and especially strategist, requires in-depth industry knowledge.

Unfortunately, many times, people who’ve worked with freelance writers or agencies in the past receive work that isn’t up to industry standard.

This means your blogs can’t generate the ROI you paid for.

The above “problems” are all true stories my clients experienced before they found me.

Working With Mameesh Content Means Exclusive, Personalized Service

I work with no more than 5 clients at a time, so I can guarantee
reliable, high-quality SEO blogging services like never before.

Love From Customers

This is what means the most to me:
Transforming people’s businesses and lives, one blog at a time.

Caroline transformed my content game. I went from posting once a month (at best) to posting consistently twice per week. She created a strategy for me and wrote my content so I could forget about my blog and focus on my business. I’ve generated thousands [of dollars] in business from her work. Highly recommend!

Janet F.

Caroline convinced us to add a blog to our site. We were skeptical, especially because we’d had a horrible experience with a freelance writer before.
Mameesh Content is nothing like that. Caroline operates with the highest degree of professionalism. We’ll never work with anyone else again!

Tim & Ella S.

Hire her. Reliable, high-quality, communicative. You can’t lose.

Tim R.

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